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Language and Territory – 64th Annual Conference of the International Linguistic Association

May 30-June 1, 2019
Campus Miguelete – Escuela de Humanidades
Universidad Nacional de San Martín – Buenos Aires – Argentina
Deadline for proposal submissions: March 8, 2019


The International Linguistic Association has held conferences in many countries around the world, including one in Latin America, where in 1972, the 18th Annual Conference took place in Arequipa, Perú. Now, after several decades have passed, the ILA will return to Latin America in 2019 for its 64th Annual Conference to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the International Year of Indigenous Languages (proclaimed by the United Nations), the central theme of this conference, language and territory, will explore the current debates around local, national and global languages and literacies; the ways in which linguistic borders have been defined, enforced, and inherited, but also challenged, through time, by means of geographical, political and social justifications; and how these practices are being re-examined today.
The relationships between languages and territories have been constructed and interrogated across social groups and communities throughout different moments in history. In the twenty-first century, equating languages with national identities and borders is being met with recurrent resistance: In a world of mobile communication, social and mass media networks, and increasing migration, transidiomatic practices demonstrate how social identities and practices clash with the language policies and language ideologies that remain tied to single nation-states.


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The deadline for proposal submissions has passed (March 8, 2019).

  • Authors whose papers are accepted may present orally in any of the three languages, but presenters should furnish the audience with printed summaries and/or overhead presentations in one of the other official languages: If the oral presentation is given in Spanish or Portuguese, the summary handout and/or overhead presentation should be provided in English. If the oral presentation is given in English, the summary handout and/or overhead presentation should be provided in either Spanish or Portuguese.
  • In the Conference program, abstracts of accepted papers will be published in English and either Spanish or Portuguese.


Please download the Conference Program: final version.

Plenary speakers
Marco Jacquemet (University of San Francisco, USA)
Xoán Lagares  (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil/Spain)
Teófilo Laime Ajacopa (Universidad Mayor de San Simón/Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Bolivia)
Kathryn Woolard (University of California, San Diego, USA)
Virginia Zavala Cisneros (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Perú)

Invited Panels
Glottopolitics: Organized by Elvira Narvaja de Arnoux (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Lexicon and language varieties: Organized by Andreína Adelstein (CONICET-Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Argentina)

Conference Activities

  • Plenary talks by invited speakers who will address different aspects of the major theme of the Conference.
  • Invited panels addressing two major topics related to the theme of the Conference: Glotopolitics and the Lexicon; Language Varieties.
  • Paper sessions organized according to different Conference topics and/or different linguistic disciplines.
  • Workshops for teachers on topics related to the teaching of language, literacy and/or linguistics.
  • Poster exhibitions on different areas of research in Linguistics.

The 64th Annual Conference of the International Linguistic Association will explore these and other connections between language and territory. Topics will include (but will not be limited to) the following:

  • Territory, language and identity
  • Language contact and language change
  • Language, migration and mobility
  • Digital discourses and online territories
  • Language varieties and diversity
  • Languages and territories across time
  • Indigenous languages and language revitalization
  • Literacies and writing systems
  • Language and territory in literature
  • Language planning and language policy
  • Language, power, and ideology

In keeping with the ILA tradition, the Conference will include individual papers or posters on other areas of linguistics. Each presentation will include time for questions and discussion.




Escuela de Humanidades, Centro de Estudios del Lenguaje en Sociedad (CELES).
International Linguistic Association (ILA)

JoAnne Kleifgen (International Linguistic Association)
Cecilia Magadán (CELES-UNSAM) & María Florencia Rizzo (CONICET-CELES, UNSAM)

CELES team
Virginia Unamuno (CONICET-UNSAM)
Juan Eduardo Bonnin (CONICET-UNSAM)
Mónica Baretta (CONICET)
Natalia De Luca (UNSAM)
Simona Mayo (CONICET)
Julia Otero (CONICET-UMET)
Lucía Romero (UNSAM)
Cecilia Tallatta (CONICET-UNSAM)
Milagros Vilar (CONICET-UNSAM)

International Linguistic Association (ILA) Board
Peter T. Daniels (Presidente) Independent Scholar, New Jersey
Jo Anne Kleifgen (Vicepresidenta) Columbia University
Kate Parry (Secretaria de Actas) Hunter College, CUNY
Josef V. Fioretta (Tesorero) HofstraUniversity

David K. Barnhart (Lexik House Publishers)
Eugenio Chang-Rodríguez (Graduate Center, CUNY)
Cheryl Comeau-Kirschner (Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY)
Alice Deakins (William Paterson University)
Sheila M. Embleton (York University, Canadá)
Kathryn English (Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II, Francia)
Hermann W. Haller (Queens College & Graduate Center, CUNY)
Kathleen McClure (Lehman College, CUNY)
Kathleen O’Connor-Bater (College at Old Westbury, SUNY)
Walter G. Petrovitz (St John’s University)
Kanavillil Rajagopalan (State University at Campinas, Brazil)
Elly van Gelderen (Arizona State University)
Richard Van Ness Simmons (Rutgers University)
Jonathan J. Webster (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
David Wible (National Central University, Taiwán)


If you want to attend the Conference and participate in specific workshops, click here.


Non-residents of Argentina (Presenters and Attendees)

  Pre-registration Fees received by April 1, 2019 Registration Fees
after April 1, 2019

ILA members

US $150 (for paid-up 2019 ILA members) US $200 (for paid-up 2019 ILA members)

Non-ILA members

US $200 (includes conference fee & membership with 1 year WORD) US $250 (includes conference fee & membership with 1 year WORD)
Retirees US $130 (includes conference fee & membership with 1 year WORD) US $160 (includes conference fee & membership with 1 year WORD)
Graduate Students; K-12 Teachers US $80 (includes conference fee & membership with 1 year WORD)
US $100 ((includes conference fee & membership with 1 year WORD)


Residents of Argentina (Presenters and Attendees)

  Pre-registration Fees received by April 1, 2019 Registration Fees
after April 1, 2019
Presenters/Attendees in General ARS $3.000 (includes conference fee & membership with 1 year WORD) ARS $4.000 (includes conference fee & membership with 1 year WORD)
Graduate Students; K-12 Teachers* ARS $2.000 (includes conference fee only) ARS $2.500 (includes conference fee only)
Undergraduate students* ARS $600 (includes conference fee only) ARS $800 (includes conference fee only)
UNSAM Undergraduates* Gratis

* Upon completing the registration form, students and teachers must present evidence of student or K-12 educator status.

Workshop Registration (One Day Only Registration): includes access to workshop and same day plenary sessions.

Non-residents of Argentina US $30
Residents of Argentina ARS $1.200


For non-residents of Argentina: click here to pay.
For residents of Argentina (presenters and attendees)

  • Presenters/Attendees in General: click here to pay
  • Graduate Students; K-12 Teachers: click here to pay
  • Undergraduate students*: click here to pay
  • One day only registration (to access workshops and same day plenary sessions): click here to pay


Where to stay during #ILA2019
Hotel Ibis Congreso (Hipolito Yrigoyen 1592, Buenos Aires) has set aside a block of rooms with special rates for conference participants. For reservations, send an e-mail to: Ibis Buenos Aires Congreso: or to Ibis Obelisco: . In your e-mail mention: “Congreso ILA-UNSAM”

Aerolíneas Argentinas is the official airline of the ILA 2019 Conference, and a 10% discount on flights operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas is offered to participants. For reservations click.  Event code: “CULT4”.

Sightseeing options
To check tourist venues, check the official site of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires:
Official mobile applications are also available for download:


University dining room Mensa-UNSAM
On campus (in front of Tent Auditorium).
Healthy, seasonal and balanced food. It offers two menu options: vegetarian and classic. Both include: hot plate, salad with three ingredients, bread, drink and fruit. On the Facebook page of the dining room you can check the menu of the day:

University cafeteria “Mensita”
On campus (inside the Tornavías building).
It offers the same menu as Mensa, but only the vegetarian option, with salad (3 tastes) and drink. Sandwiches, empanadas and salads are also sold in this bar, among other options.

Parrilla “El encuentro”
Grill, steakhouse.
25 de Mayo 1300 (just accross Campus), San Martín, Buenos Aires

Lo de Carlitos
Restaurant. Fast food.
Moreno 3273, San Martín, Buenos Aires

San Antonio
25 de Mayo 1900, San Martín, Buenos Aires

Da Marchello
Italian restaurant.
Salguero 2117, San Martín, Buenos Aires

Rouxe Resto
Restaurant. Pub/bar.
25 de Mayo 1908, San Martín, Buenos Aires

Ayres de Campo
Argentine food. Grill, steakhouse.
Ayacucho 2164, 1650 San Martin, Buenos Aires

El encanto
Peruvian restaurant.
Sarmiento 2052, San Martin, Buenos Aires

La simoqueña
Pizza and empanadas to go.
25 de Mayo 1962, San Martín, Buenos Aires

La cocina de mamá
Home-style food to go.
Perdriel 3445, San Martín, Buenos Aires

Practical information for your stay in Buenos Aires, click here.

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