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Our courses are designed for undergraduate students of universities around the world who want to be immersed in an academic experience at UNSAM, Argentina.

Combining academic excellence with all the excitement that a big city like Buenos Aires has to offer, the Study Abroad program provides an exciting environment for all those who are eager for knowledge, social activity and cultural immersion.


  • Anti-imperialism in Latin America
  • Economic Growth and Income Distribution in Pheripherical Economies
  • Gender, Culture and Identity
  • Human Rights and Cultural Production in Argentina
  • Introduction to Neuropsychology
  • Latin American History
  • Latin American Revolution and Social Movements
  • Literature and the City
  • Spanish I, II & III
  • Tango and Argentine Culture

We invite you to check the full description of the courses. A minimum of six students is required to open them.

It is really easy to apply; you can check the requirements here. For further information and guidance on the procedures, applicants can contact the Study Abroad team.

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