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March 14 to June 30

A comprehensive course examining major political/geographical/social/economic features of Latin American past and present. Key issues which may divide or unite the distinctive Latin American countries will be highlighted.

This course will analyze the following topics: Politics and economics under the conservative order, the rise of mass politics – its various forms, industrialization by import substitution and state intervention in the economy, modernization, authoritarianism and democracy, revolution, guerrillas and the left, debt crisis and adjustment policies, emergency and functioning of new democracies.

The purpose of this course is to explore ethnic diversity and the politics of multiculturalism in Argentina. Although the country is widely perceived as being one of the most “European” ones in Latin America, Argentina is formed by diverse groups.  The course introduces students to the process of ethnic formation, identity politics and theoretical perspectives on ethnicity and multiculturalism. Furthermore, it explores the ethnic complexity of the country by critiquing the idea of socio-cultural homogeneity.  The course examines from a historical and anthropological perspective the experiences of incorporation and exclusion of the diverse communities which form part of the country.

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