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Cultural exchange between Argentine and foreign students


The Study Abroad program invited Argentine and foreign students from UNSAM for a cultural immersion activity in English and Spanish. The only requirement was to be willing to practice English and Spanish, and learn about each other’s culture.

About fifty students took part in the cultural exchange activity organized by Study Abroad. Argentine and foreign members of  UNSAM’s community gathered to chat for two hours on the lawn of Miguelete Campus.

Foreign students—mostly from Norway, Sweden and Denmark—have been attending various social science and Spanish courses since August as part of their academic education. They also took part in several cultural immersion activities to improve their understanding of Argentina and its customs.

Organized in small groups, sharing mate and cake, the locals helped foreign students practice their Spanish and then they were able to practice their English. For a little longer than two hours, they shared experiences and learnt about each other’s customs and preferences in a very enriching activity, which will be repeated before the end of the semester.

Nota actualizada el 25 de octubre de 2017

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