Call for proposals to host ICGEB Meeting, Workshop and Courses in 2019

The ICGEB Meetings and Courses Programme funds and organises scientific meetings, workshops and theoretical and practical courses in the Life Sciences in ICGEB Member States.

Eligibility Criteria

  • By applying to the ICGEB annual call for meeting proposals, the organising Institution and the scientific Organiser accept the ICGEB Terms of Reference
  • All ICGEB sponsored activities require an official endorsement by the ICGEB Liaison Officer of the Member State where the specific event takes place. Proposals received through the online application system are submitted by the ICGEB to the relevant Liaison Officer directly, and are not considered for review unless endorsed.

Programme Activities

  • ICGEB provides support for the organisation of scientific events in the Life Sciences in ICGEB Member States
  • Funding is available for meetings, workshops, theoretical and practical courses, and high profile conferences aimed at disseminating scientific knowledge and enhancing interaction between scientists, the public and policy makers
  • Particular attention will be given to scientific events addressing issues of interest for specific geographic regions and involving collaboration across more than one country.

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Closing Dates

28 February 2019: Deadline for submission of on-line applications to the ICGEB Conferences Unit for events to be held in 2020

31 March 2019: Deadline for receipt of proposal endorsements from the ICGEB Liaison Officers

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