Call for permanent positions at ICAS-UNSAM

ICAS is a center devoted to promote high-quality collaborative research in areas of basic science. In 2018, it will open 2 positions for permanent staff as ICAS-CONICET fellow. Deadline: January 31, 2018

The International Center for Advanced Studies has a transversal structure with a few permanent groups, associates from different institutions of Argentina and the region, short-term visitors, postdocs and PhD students. Every year, ICAS runs several schools, conferences, seminars, workshops and institutes. Current research groups study high-energy physics (directed by Daniel de Florian and Ezequiel Alvarez) and condensed matter (directed by Liliana Arrachea).

In 2018, ICAS will open 2 positions for permanent staff as ICAS-CONICET fellows in broad areas in physics. Applications will be reviewed by ICAS’ International Committee; successful candidates should have demonstrated ability to conduct independent research and potential for leadership in their field. In addition to academic excellence, the candidate is expected to demonstrate high-commitment, initiative, enthusiasm and capacity for running and/or proposing ICAS activities.

In order to apply, candidates must submit (before January 31, 2018) their CV, a statement of purpose describing research goals (2 pages max) and names of three references, to ICAS director (deflo@unsam.edu.ar).

Find more information here.

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